If you are thinking about undergoing laser hair removal, make sure you study up first. You don’t want to be lured in by promises of hair-free life. Take time to read up on the facts and possible side effects to ensure the procedure is right for you. Here are some important things you should know about laser hair removal:

Pain Isn’t Too Bad

The procedure works by sending the laser light through the hair’s pigment. The light will then be converted to heat to destroy the hair bulb and follicle. This is going to be a quick, sharp pain. You might want to go for lasers with a cooling mechanism to help with the discomfort.

You Need to Commit to It if you Want Real Results

Following the first treatment, results could become visible in up to three weeks. To get the full result, you may need to undergo up to twelve treatments. Also, it’s important to attend your regular appointments as hair follicles come in various growth stages. Thus, you want to ensure every one of them gets destroyed.

The Procedure Doesn’t Take Forever to Get Done

Typically, if you go in for a full facial hair removal appointment, the procedure may be completed in twenty minutes. That includes removing your makeup and some talks with your laser pro. Learn more about the procedure at epilationlaserplus.com.

Avoid a Warm Environment after the Treatment

The laser’s heat stays in the skin for 24 hours so make sure you don’t visit a sauna, go to the gym or take a hot shower. Doing so puts you at risk of creating a nice environment for bacteria multiplication and spots formation.

Also, you will be advised by the dermatologist to avoid the sun before and after treatment. In case you have a tan, you may have to wait until it fades before you get the treatment. It might be best to ensure there is no holiday coming up that could impact your next appointment’s timing.

The Treatment Has Many Benefits

More than just removing unwanted hairs, laser hair removal can help with ingrown hairs. Apart from getting a smoother skin and experiencing a permanent reduction in body hairs, it can provide benefits like decreasing ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

Avoid Some Beauty Products

A couple of days before and after the treatment, you may need to avoid retinol creams, glycolic acid and scrubs. This is to prevent any reactions and complications.