Erectile Dysfunction (E.D) is the inability of a man to achieve and maintain the penis firmness and erection and sometimes even ejaculation. The disease is more prevalent than is given credit for and not only affects the sexual performance of a man but also affects his confidence and self-esteem adversely. With Viagra as its treatment medicine becoming fairly common, most men tried to self-cure themselves. However, this can be dangerous as Viagra side-effects have also become well-established. They should only be taken under the guidance and instructions of a doctor. Before that, let’s throw light on some of the top causes that can lead to E.D.

  • Diabetes – This is one of the most causes of E.D. Prolonged high levels of diabetes causes the nerves to get damaged which hampers erection. It also reduces blood circulation in the body due to which insufficient blood gets supplied to the penis thereby making it limp and difficult to participate in sexual intercourse.
  • Drug-induced (medication) – Not many realize but the medicines taken regularly by any men can also cause erectile dysfunction. Most commonly established culprit medicines are those consumed for hypertension and blood pressure fluctuations, beta blockers, and anti-depressants. Thus, in case any man is experiencing the problem, its best to visit a doctor and consult him in depth. No medicines should be stopped or altered without the doctor’s permission and advice.
  • Alcoholism and Smoking – Both alcohol and smoking are harmful to a healthy sexual life. They cause vascular disease and numerous other health problems whose natural consequence is erectile dysfunction. Over 70 of patients suffering from the disease are found to be smoking or drinking or both.
  • High blood pressure – Hypertension is another popular cause of erectile dysfunction since this disease directly affects the blood flow to the penis. The arteries get damaged due to consistent high blood pressure and develop thick walls. This restricts the blood flow. Drugs like beta-blockers also cause E.D. Today; there are specific drugs available which can help change the situation.
  • Psychological problems – D is not only caused by physical problems, but it can often be caused by mental issues as well. Extreme stress and anxiety, too much work pressure and work addiction, watching too much of porn, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem or any other mental problems can also cause E.D. Treating the problem can help eliminate the disease.

There are numerous other causes of erectile dysfunction, but the right treatment can easily cure the disease today.