Liposuction is a surgical procedure that will get rid of excess fat in your body with a small and hollow instrument that is called cannula. As small cuts are made in your body, these small instruments will be entered and vacuum suction the tiny globules of fat. During this procedure, the patient will usually be put under local anesthetics and sometime some other medication for the pain.

Of course, this procedure is not meant for everyone, and here you will get to learn more about the procedure itself. If you would like to schedule an appointment and talk to an actual doctor, you could always visit cosmetic specialist in Melbourne like Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, or any of your local medical centers where they provide this procedure.

Get rid of the stubborn fat with the liposuction surgery

  1. Obese people are not good candidates

Unlike what many of you probably think, liposuction procedure is not really suitable for overweight people. You should be your normal weight, as this procedure gets help rid of the stubborn fat the easier way. Usually, people who cannot get rid of fat with diet and exercise consider having liposuction instead.

  1. Who performs the surgery?

According to the food and drug administration, usually this procedure is performed by dermatologists or plastic surgeons. Actually, almost any doctor can offer this procedure even without completing the standardized training. However, this does not mean that you should opt for just any doctor, do not be shy to ask around for other doctor’s skills and training experience.

  1. Breaking the fat deposits

After your doctor makes small incisions on your body he/she will inject a numbing medication that is saltwater-based, as well as a medication that will control the bleeding before the fat is being removed. This technique is known as the tumescent liposuction and it works by preventing the patients to lose to much blood, get bruised and experience swelling.

Of course, all of those symptoms will still occur but in a non-threatening and bearable amounts. After a mixture was injected, your doctor will use the hollow tube, which was already mentioned, and break up the fat deposits in your body. With a small surgical syringe or vacuum the fat will be sucked out.

  1. The results take time

You need to be patient if you will get the liposuction procedure done, and always make sure that you get this procedure at a reputable clinic; for example, you can check out the liposuction surgery in Melbourne done by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, or any other clinic that has good patient reviews.

Liposuction can be performed on different parts of our body

However, just like with any other procedure, the results will not be immediate, and that is to be expected. In some cases, the patient will have to wear elastic bandages or a compression garment that will help reduce the swelling. Just listen to your doctor orders!

  1. The risks exist

Just like any other procedure, liposuction carries some risks that you should know beforehand. This is an overall safe procedure when a skilled and experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon performs it, but keep in mind that this is still a surgery. Make sure to ask your doctor about all the possible risks that come with it.

Final word

This procedure can help you lose that stubborn fat that you always wanted to get rid of, and in many cases you will be able to set up a pay-plan. However, you should know that there have been researches that show that those fat cells might be the future disease-fighting tools.